Greetings from the Hospital Director

St. Uchiyama


“Grow and grow.”


As a hospital at the core of community-contained medical care.

Niigata Prefecture Uonuma region is a land of scenic beauty that are well known in the delicious sake and Uonuma Koshihikari.
2015 June, on this earth Uonuma Kikan Hospital was congress opening.

Uonuma Kikan Hospital, comprehensive medical care, emergency medical care, along with the practice of the advanced medical treatment, a hospital pour also force the education of young doctors and nurses and medical technical staff.

Medical staff and facilities and function sharing of regional and (cooperation), Uonuma medical care has been deployed in the region throughout the cooperation network
while effectively utilizing the “Uonuma Mai-net”, as the nucleus of the community complete medical it plays a role.

At the same time, to create a practical model of the elderly health care and community medicine at the Uonuma region where the super-aged society to welcome the future our country exists right now, we hope earnestly want to send to the whole country.

Training of doctors to contribute to the national and international medical development is also an important mission.
Uonuma Kikan Hospital in Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital Uonuma Regional Medical Education Center: is the hotel’s (abbreviated Niigata University Regional Medical Education Center) is, medical care and education staff of each department will be placed by public offering.

The center, in cooperation with the Uonuma major hospitals, to advanced medical care from the initial emergency to the consistently education, will train the specialists with a comprehensive care physicians and general practice ability of medical care and emergency medical care in a wide range of fields.

Currently, a number of Japanese doctors have been working as a specialist in the United States for many years, passionate about the education of local medical and young doctor, he came back as a member of Uonuma major hospitals.

In addition, nurses and medical technical staff is also a very important pillar to support the hospital.
Physician same, such as the securing of training systems and work-life balance along on their career design, will focus on the realization of attractive work environment.

Now 10 years, 20 years, writing in full and hope you dream of (ideal) on the first page of the subsequent 100 years the hospital of long history, to realize along with the development of the hospital, please realize that life worth living and challenging.

Career of Hospital

1992 / Niigata University School of Medicine professor of pediatrics
2006 / Niigata University School of Medicine
2010 / Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital
2013 / incumbent

Niigata University Professor Emeritus
Shinshu University Visiting Professor
Science Council of Japan cooperation member
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, National Research and Development Corporation Council committee
In addition, he served as Japan Pediatric Society, Japan autonomic nervous Society, the Japan Diabetes Society, pregnancy, the director and officials such as the Japanese Society for Pediatric Nephrology