Greetings from the President


“A new breath to the medical care of Uonuma.”


Uonuma, known for “Uonuma Koshihikari” is looking up the majestic elegant Echigo Sanzan (Hakkaisan-Komagatake-Nakanodake), and the South and Kitauonuma spread the sides of the clear stream Uono-Aburumagawa, rivers leading to the Chikuma River if trace back Shinano it consists of two areas of Nakauonuma surrounding the.
Already its presence in the Shoku Nihongi, which was written in 702 years ago in the Christian era is suggesting, is a region with a long history.

In the land, that want to build a health care system that truly can contribute to the health of residents, passion of the parties to bear fruit, Uonuma Kikan Hospital was opened in 2015 June.
Uonuma Kikan Hospital is responsible for advanced medical care and acute care, emergency medical care, new Koide and new Muikamachi hospital to be transferred from the county to the city, snowy country are currently active Yamato hospital, medical institutions such as Horinouchi hospital, support as backward facilities – you please was collected.
Both medical facilities group, including the Tokamachi Hospital Nakauonuma, do the cooperation and mutual support.

Uonuma Kikan Hospital, but it is of course to become a hospital that can provide specialized medical care, have at the same time comprehensive medical specialists that can contribute to community health care, comprehensive medical knowledge, technology, education goal to train specialists who have a sense of mission you.

Understanding of Niigata Prefecture, by your support, Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital Uonuma Regional Medical Education Center – (Professor, Associate Professor, lecturer at about 30 people planned) is installed, the doctor responsible for the regional medical along with the provision of advanced medical treatment system to develop will be in place.

In addition, including the nurse, also we would like to prepare education and training system for the medical staff.
New medical system centered on the Uonuma Kikan Hospital, that serve the happiness of everyone in the region, and, we hope to be able to contribute widely to the development of the Niigata Prefecture of medical care.

Chairman of career

1980 / Niigata University School of Medicine in science second Professor
1994 / Niigata University School of Medicine length
1998 / Niigata length
2002 / Niigata Prefecture Welfare Health Department participate (~ current)
2010 / Niigata Prefecture Health Promotion Sports Medicine and Science Center (~ current)
2012. / incumbent

National Center for University Entrance Examinations professor emeritus adviser (previous president), the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, the Japanese Society of Nephrology, Japan College of Rheumatology, Japan Psychosomatic Society honorary member, etc.