Philosophy and Management Policy

Hospital Philosophy

Improving medical care in the region via high quality technology and medical professionals, in addition to continuing to improve medical professionals through excellent training. Connecting the region and protecting life.


Management Policy

Hospital policy
1. As the core of Uonuma community, our hospital is responsive for advanced medicine, medical technology, medical care, and disaster medical care.
2. To maintain the skills of comprehensive medical care, and to train medical professionals to practice holistic medicine.
3. Working towards the goal of “one hospital for the Uonuma region” and working with local medical staff and facilities.
4. Providing medical care and information that fits the values of patients and their families in order to improve cooperation between medical staff and the patient.
5. Promoting health and disease prevention in addition to promoting clinical research within the region.

6. To earn the trust and confidence from local residence to provide the best medical care possible.
7. To improve the quality of medical care and always strive to educate ourselves and the next generation of medical practioners.

Management policy

8. To prioritize a healthy work-life balance
9. To operate management in a way that looks towards the future for the sake of providing medical care for the community.
10. To foster medical staff with good management skills that can resolve management issues quickly and effectively.


Examinees of Everyone’s Rights

Everyone admitted to our hospitals has the following rights that shall be respected
1. You will be respected as human beings so you can receive sage, good quality, and equal medical care.
2. You will receive sufficient and clear explanations regarding symptoms, testing, treatment, and nursing.
3. You can seek the opinion another physician (i.e. the second opinion).
4. You can, after obtaining enough information, select the medical content at your own volition.
5. Your personal information and privacy will be respected.