Re-visit (For those who have visited this hospital before)

If you have a reservation

  • Please come at the appointed time for your reservation.
  • Please be advised that if you are late, the order in which you are seen to may change.
  • If you need to change the reservation time, please contact us.

    Patient support center reservation change reception

    Hours / weekdays 14:00 to 16:00
    telephone number / 025-788-0568

    ※ In the event of cancelling on the day please contact us


If you don’t have a reservation

Patients with reservations take priority so longer wait times are likely if you don’t have a reservation.
The visiting procedure is as follow:

  1. Insert your patient card into the re-visiting machine near the center reception (No.10), chose your desired department, take your patient slip, and go to respective letter Reception (A,B,C and D) .
    mdsc_3362    j-photo04-91x300< slip
    A B C D
  2. In respective letter Reception, submit your slip and get the yellow file.
    yellow-file    reception-sheet
  3. Bring the yellow file and wait at the waiting hall near the reception.
    waiting-hall-inner-hall-01 1F   waiting-hall-inner-hall-022F
  4. Check your reception number at the monitor.
  5. Once your number is shown, wait at inner hall (in front of the corresponding consultation room).
  6. When your number is shown up again at the monitor in front of the consultation room, please go into the room.
  7. Once in the examination room, please tell the doctor your full name.
  8. If there are no further tests required, you will be given a basic schedule.
  9. If there is a test after the consultation, in accordance with the basic schedule slip, please proceed to the next inspection.
  10. When you are finished with all testing and examinations, bring the yellow file to the respective letter reception. We will prepare your check (bill).
  11. When you get your check from the reception, bring it and go to the main hall for payment.
    ※ If you have reservation for a follow-up visit, your appointment slip will be printed.
  12. If you have prescription, bring it and buy your medicine at the pharmacy outside.